Air Conditioning Repair, Installation and Tune Up

Air Conditioning is now an essential household appliance – you need it to plough through the tough summers. It is important to know how an AC is installed, though your A.C people might install it for you.

Understand the steps of Installing Air Conditioner in your homes:

  • Size the room first. It is important to know what size of AC can fulfill the requirements of your room
  • Install the mounting brackets first near the window.
  • Mount the air conditioner on to the window.
  • Slide the accordion panels of your window back so that they remain tight against the AC
  • If there are angle brackets that came with your installation package, then make sure you help prop-up your AC with its help for double surety.
  • If the lower sash with the window is open, use Styrofoam to cover it up

When do you need to repair AC?

Though you have installed AC in your home, you need to understand when your AC needs a repair. Check and see if the following factors are occurring when you are switching on your AC:

  • If your AC is acting weird, you will feel inconsistent cooling in different parts of your home or your office. You may feel the normal to heated temperature at some points and extreme cooling at some points.
  • If your electricity bill sky rocketed this month, your AC needs a doctor probably. Due to some technical snags, AC will start drawing more energy from the supply.
  • There will be a definite increase in humidity because even at lower temperatures, AC won’t be able to give finite cooling.

Why an Air Conditioner Tune Up is a good idea?

There are certain aspects that needs fine tuning all the time, to improve and enhance the air conditioner. What you need to expect is:

  • Inspect pressure and coolant levels
  • Calibrate thermostats and check proper cycle and temperature
  • Inspect wire tightening, capacitors and ensure evaporator and condensate clearance
  • Cleaning the condenser and outdoor connect and check compressor amps at startup

You need to know the Air Conditioner that you are installing at your place. It is for convenience and it should not hamper your daily work!

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